5 Creative ways to Break Through when you are Hitting a Wall

Your life is totally on track. You’re starting to get it all figured out. It feels like things have never been better. But then you hit a wall.

You notice one thing going wrong, and then another, and then another. Before you know it, you’re hitting a wall and can’t seem to find a way to get past it.

This type of obstacle in life is pretty common but it can be hard to overcome.

6 areas in life where we can hit a wall

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Work
  • Fun

Every category has its own importance level in our lives. If something is challenging you in one, then it can throw off the rest.

Life is a complicated thing. The more we go down the personal development rabbit hole, the more there is to uncover. It feels like it’s never ending.

By breaking life down into these 6 categories, you can truly focus the time and energy that is necessary in each one.

That leads us into our list of the top 5 ways to break through when you are hitting a wall

1. Look at your whys

We all have our own reasons for doing what we do. Our time is the most precious asset that we have.

If you feel like you are working day in and day out, but your progress has been completely stopped, then one of the most helpful things to do is to review why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Is the time that you are spending on that project really worth it?

Is that new job causing you more stress than the money is worth?

Is your family life dropping in quality because you haven’t had any fun in months?

Take a deep look at what drives you in each of the 6 categories we talked about above. Family, friends, finances, health, fun, and work.

2. Create new goals

You could be hitting a wall because your goals are just not in line with what you really want out of life any more.

Maybe you created your goals 9 months ago, and now your life has completely changed, but you’re still chasing the same goals.

Do you really want the same things that you wanted a year ago? Maybe, maybe not.

It’s OK to adjust your path if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

Instead of busting through the wall you are hitting, maybe you can just go around it.

3. Take a step back and identify the wall you are hitting

What is actually stopping you? It might not be all that obvious at first.

Your goal to save $3,000 has plateaued at $2,500. You just can’t seem to find that last $500 because “things” keep coming up.

Are those things really more important than your goal? Is your unexpected expense a road trip with friends, or is it a medical emergency?

You could be hitting a wall and have no idea why. It’s time to dig a little deeper into what the root cause is of your progress being stopped.

4. Take a look at the progress that you’ve already made

It’s worth it to take the time to reflect on where you’ve come from. Look back through your journal and see where you were 6 months ago.

You’ve grown into a totally new person who is capable of more than you ever thought possible.

You’ve done all of this work to get to this point. It’s OK to just take a step back and have a little pride in yourself for a moment.

The wall you are hitting could be burnout. I know some people will tell you to just keep your head down and eventually you will overcome anything.

There are times when that advice is OK, but you already know that you’ve been giving it your all for quite some time.

Take a step back and admire the progress that you’ve already made. It could be the mindset reset that you need.

5. Make a plan

You’ve had a pretty successful life so far. You haven’t really needed to sit down and plan out what you’re going to do next.

But a lot of times, what we really need is a good plan. It’s the difference between driving a car without knowing exactly where you are going, and having a GPS give you step by step directions to your destination.

You can get far without a plan, but you might not end up where you truly want to be.

Planning doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t even really have to take that much time out of your day. It’s just a few simple questions.

Where do you want to be in 1 year?

Where do you want to be in 1 month?

What will you do each day to get there?

Then, once you have a plan, just stick to it. If you find yourself hitting a wall, go through some of the ideas above. Adjust your plan as needed.

Wrapping it up

Hitting a wall in life is something that happens to all of us. You can respond to a plateau in life in a lot of different ways.

These 5 ways to break through the wall you are hitting are some of the ones that I have had the most success with.

  1. Look at your whys
  2. Create new goals
  3. Take a step back and identify the wall you’re hitting
  4. Take a look at the progress you’ve already made
  5. Make a plan

Don’t stress yourself out if you’re not making any more progress. Remember, it’s all about the baby steps. Just one foot in front of the other. Adjust your path as needed.

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