My Story

I have always been a Progress Ninja

Progression has always been something I have striven for in some shape or form. In this article I will cover my physical and mental health problems and how I overcame them to become what I am today – a passionate man who brands any failure a success and a learning curve!

My problems – Physical and Mental

My issues started after I obtained an injury competing in the sport I was most passionate about. From here, more and more problems arose in my life as if I was being mentally and physically tested by the Universe.

The Passion for Progression in BJJ

I took part in a sport called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or more commonly known as BJJ. It was my passion for a few years and I loved it. I trained around 3 or 4 times a week and when I wasn’t training I was reading about BJJ or watching videos on it. The day came for my first competition at white belt, and after 3 fights I had won the Silver in my weight class.

Me on the podium before I acquired my injury

As I’d won a medal it gave me a chance to compete in something called the “Absolute” tournament where all the medal winners from each weight class can fight against each other. I took up the opportunity. In my first fight I fought a guy around 10 or 15 kg bigger than me and went for an armbar, but I rolled the wrong way and went underneath him. He put all his weight down on my neck which resulted in the inability to move it for about 5 minutes. For the rest of the day my neck was in agony, I could barely turn it. Luckily I was going on holiday to Greece the day after for a week so I had a rest period. One week later my neck was still in a lot of pain but I decided to go training. After a couple of months I received my blue belt.

Receiving my belt belt from Professor Mabsy “Tiozinho” Alam and 7x World BJJ Champion Mestre Vincius Amaral

Training whilst injured is not advised… seriously don’t do it

It was only around a month later that I realised my neck was too fragile to train. I had injured it and kept training on it to the point where I was in so much agony for every moment of my life that I could barely stand up without pain, never mind train.

After a few months my neck had made no progress so I decided to see a few specialists. After 4 different specialists and many more months, it was an osteopath (who is now one of my best friends) that informed me I most likely had a damaged ligament in my neck and that I could be injured for around 18 months give or take. Honestly, I didn’t know what to think at the time. I was more annoyed at my self than anything else for training on a damaged neck rather than getting it seen to straight away. But since then I’ve learnt not to waste time on hind-sight.

So, there I was no longer training the sport I had so much love and passion for. I had no real avenue of progression in my life, nothing to aim for. And to top it all off, the pain in my neck was unbearable at times.

The Quest for the Ultimate Painkiller!

I needed to find a painkiller that could make me feel sober enough to function whilst offering enough analgesic effect. Paracetamol did nothing and ibuprofen was just as useless. Codeine, cocodamol and tramadol were not on my list after seeing the effects it had on some of my friends and family. The only things that seemed to work were hot water bottles – they were a saviour.



The Video game Addiction

After a year of constant pain, doing near to no exercise and wondering where I was headed in life, I finally became depressed. I had no way of releasing my will to compete. I was in a rut, so I turned to a different type of competition. The competition I found was a VERY addictive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) videogame called League of Legends. It kept me in a sense of progression because the game was based more on skill rather than levels and acquiring items.

One of the hardest times of my life…

Then my father-in-law died. It was very sudden and unexpected. He was a very important family member to me, and my fiancée. I felt like I had to look after my partner’s family because now I was the main male. My partner, my sister-in-law, and my mother-in-law were my main priorities. To add to this, my partner was pregnant at the time with our first child. My worry, stress, anxiety, addiction, and depression all shot through the roof. To this day they are all still having problems dealing with their loss.

At this point I started with health anxiety. I constantly thought I was ill or that I was going to die at any moment for no real reason. His sudden death must have created constant thoughts that anyone including myself can die at any moment. I went to the doctor about a pain in my throat and told them about my depression and anxiety. It turns out that the throat pain was something called globus sensation usually brought on by stress and anxiety. I was offered services such as counselling and drugs which I declined. I wanted to help myself BY myself.

How CBD Oil saved me…

I had heard about something called CBD (cannabidiol) oil in the past but had never really looked into it. I finally invested into a bottle after doing a large amount of research. If you would like to look at scientific studies on CBD click here. CBD is an anti-psychotic compound found in cannabis. Cannabis is an umbrella term used to describe a number of plants. The main two you may have heard of are called Hemp and Marijuana. THC is the main compound found in marijuana whilst CBD is the main compound found in Hemp. Hemp has many uses including clothing and paper, and the compound called CBD is legal in Europe and much of the US. There is much political propaganda surrounding CBD which does not allow me to talk about whether or not it has medicinal properties.

CBD oil saved my life. I realised after using CBD oil how demotivated I was because of my problems. CBD has no psychoactive effects (it is actually anti-psychotic) AND helped me in many ways (again, which I can’t name because of the political propaganda).

If you are based in Europe, Elixir Botanics supply organic, non-GMO, vegan CBD Oil and can be found at this link.

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Are you ready to try CBD?

My son is my motivation

Once my son was born, I finally realised I had to get out of this rut. I mustered up all motivation I had to channel my sense of progression out of video games and into something productive for my family. So I started researching into entrepreneurship, finance and many other areas of income streams. I also started reading books on positive thinking and how to change your mindset. I recommend some of these books on different parts on this website.

Progression is Key!!!

I am finally the man I want to be. I got through the hard times. It was taxing and it was tiring. However, after much research and dedication, I found ways and means to attract constant positivity. I no longer feel depressed, anxious, worried, or addicted to gaming. All I want to do is help people who are in need by sharing with them the ways I overcame my problems. After years of video game addiction, mild depression, and constant anxiety I can finally say I am fixed and I owe it ALL to progression (and a kick start from CBD).

If you would like to find the steps I used to help me get through my anxiety, depression and addiction, click here.