How To Start a Blog Which Can Make Money

How to Start a Blog Which You Can Eventually Make Money From

In this article, I will try to give you a step-by-step guide on how to make a professional looking blog which you can eventually make money from. I will try to explain this as simple as possible so all you non-techies out there don’t worry!

Now, before we start I just want to say something that will hopefully help you along the way to creating your perfect site and eventually make money. You need to be positive. Whatever happens, whether you aren’t making money for a long time, you need to be positive about the situation. Find the problems and change them. If you are doing well in one area, keep that and sort out the areas that aren’t bringing revenue. When you back your work with positivity, it shows in your creation.

What You Will Need

  • Coffee or a drink of your choice
  • Patience
  • The willingness to spend up to $50 upfront and around $10 per month
  • A can-do attitude
  • A computer with internet access
  • A passion of some sort (optional)

I included a passion of some sort because it is a lot easier to write a blog about something you are passionate about. For instance, I am passionate about self-progression which is why I started Progress Ninja!

1. Find a Niche

First of all you need to find a niche. A niche is a category or section of products or content that appeals to a specific set of people. Choosing the a good niche category will help you make money quickly compared to a niche category that does not receive much attention. The niche categories that are proven time and time again to be very popular are:

  • Fitness and Health
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Entertainment such as sports and video games
  • Baby clothes

There are many more but if you have a passion that relates to any of the above, I would advise that you create your blog around that. Your passion will show through your work.

When I was first researching into niches, the best way I read that it was best to find a niche was based on 4 different points:

  1. Desperation
  2. Pain
  3. Embarassment
  4. Passion

If you can find a niche that helps with these 4 pointers to a large amount of the population, you are more likely to receive attention. For example, let’s say you have bed bugs – you are desperate to get rid of them because they stop or hinder your sleep. You then go online and search “get rid of bed bugs” or something of that nature. A blog comes up about bed bugs with products and information that can help you exterminate them. This is the desperation factor and you can make money from this with ease. Now as a different example, let’s think about golf. Golf is played and watched around the world, and the people who play it usually spend lots of money. Therefore you have a passion that revolves around large amounts of money being spent.

Once you think you’ve found your niche, go to Google Adwords. You’ll need to sign up and create a campaign (you can delete this campaign straight away. Adwords just seems to require you to create a campaign to begin using it). Once you’ve created your account, go to keyword planner which should look like the picture above.

Choose “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”. From here you want to put in your niche or something around it. If I were using a Golf niche I would type in something like “golf equipment”:

As you can see there’s 1million-10million searches surrounding that keyword and similar keywords. Therefore we know this is a big niche – people are interested. There are also 3 big keywords relevant to it: golf shoes, golf balls, golf bags. We will come back to using the Adwords Keyword Planner later.

2. Setting Up Your Website

To set up your website we’re going to need hosting and a domain name. Now, these do cost a little bit of money (not much). I actually have a deal with Hostgator where you can get your first month of hosting for 1 penny. You can also buy your domain name through them. Click the picture below.

Once there, click the “Start Your Website Now” button. Once there you can select a domain name. I would suggest you use a “.com” domain as it’s the most recognised. Definitely don’t get anything obscure such as .site or .tv – .net or .org are fine. This is the website address and will be used when people want to access your site. You will then see the package type. I would personally go for “Baby”. This is because you get UNLIMITED hosting and bandwidth for UNLIMITED websites. With “Hatchling” you only get 1 website hosted. When you get to the bottom you’ll see all the “tick” boxes. Choose accordingly.

Once you’ve bought your hosting, you’ll be sent to a page with tabs such as “My Account” “Billing” “Hosting” and “Domains”. Click the “Hosting” tab, scroll down the page and press “Launch Quick Install”. From here you should go to your cPanel. Now find the SiteBuilder WordPress and install that. None of this is hard at all. Remember to choose a Username you will remember (people will see this everytime you post on your blog).

Once you’ve installed your WordPress site you can now go to your domain address /wp-admin. For example if my domain was “” I would go to “”. From here put in the Username you selected and the Password you received in your email. Congratulations, you’re into your admin panel! From here you can create your blog. I would start with pages surrounding the niche you are covering. These pages could be reviews on products (which you can affiliate to make money), help and information on different topics, and how your chosen niche relates to you.

So here’s the first step – you’ve created your blog!