Why You Should Start Drinking Distilled Water

Distilled Water is the Best Water to Consume, But Only When You Add A Crucial Ingredient

Why You Should Drink Distilled Water

After the filtration process, most tap waters still contain chemical compounds such as chlorine, fluorine compounds (such as calcium flouride) and trihalomethanes (THMs). Pesticides, drugs such as antiobiotics and hormones have also been found. People believe drinking tap water is healthy, and yes compared to drinking the water you would find in any third world country it is. Bottled water isn’t really any healthier, it still has chemicals and bacteria in AND they’re usually in plastic bottles so your gut is being bombarded with polymeric compounds. The healthiest water to consume is distilled water which is 99.8% pure water. The only problem with drinking distilled water is the lack of salts which add to your minerals and electrolytes.

How Do You Distill Water?

The usual way someone distills water is to buy a home water distiller. This machine boils the water inside. The boiled water turns into steam and drips down the spout near the top of the distiller. Within the spout there is usually a place to put an activated charcoal pod which attracts all forms of bad bacteria and chemicals leftover from the steam. The steam condenses into water and drips into a jug underneath. The water in the jug is the purest water you can find. The water distiller I use which has many great reviews is the H2o Labs Stainless Steel Water Distiller. I advise to get it with the glass carafe (aka jug), as plastic jugs will give off small plastic compounds inside your water. To buy the H2o Labs Water Distiller  you can click the picture below or any of the links in this paragraph.

The Crucial Ingredient You Should Add To Your Distilled Water

When distilled water is mixed with a pinch of pink Himalayan rock salt, you get the perfect water for your body. Just half a teaspoon of Himalayan crystal salt per 4 liters of distilled water will do the trick. The reason you use pink Himalayan salt instead of your average table salt or another other salt is because other than pure, refined Himalayan salt, the others may be stripped of their minerals and/or bleached. Pink Himalayan rock crystal salt is mined from ancient sea beds and is free from the more modern environmental toxins. When this wonderful salt is mixed with water it releases over 60 needed minerals and all your needed electrolytes. It also has a unique ionic energy for ideal synergy with the human body and its cells. You can also use this salt in cooking for recipes such as this one. If you would like to buy Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, click the picture below.


Consuming distilled water is better than drinking tap water or bottled water and is easy to do yourself at home with a water distiller. However, adding the crucial ingredient of pink Himalayan rock salt is the key to the perfect water for the human body.