Welcome to Progress Ninja!

Progression is Key!

My name’s Paul and I created Progress Ninja because of my constant obsession for progression.

Since I have been on an avenue of self-advancement, I have noticed that there are many people out there who either want to progress in certain aspects of their life but don’t have the motivation. Then there are people who want to progress in their life but feel they lack the skills, the mindset or are just too pessimistic about their own future.

I personally believe that progression is the reason human beings are on this Earth. Science tells us that if you aren’t moving one way you’re moving in another – therefore if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards! We should all be progressing in some area of our life – this gives us a purpose!

This is why I created Progress Ninja, so that we can all learn to be ninjas at progressing in our desired field. Whether that be wealth and career, health and fitness, relationships and family… I will try my best to cover it all!

So… why exactly should you listen to me?

I have always been very active as a child, to my teens and up to my adulthood. I’ve played sports from soccer, to rugby, and cricket, and I eventually got into Mixed Martial Arts and Thai Boxing. It’s only injuries that have ever held me back.

In sport, injuries can make or break you.

I became a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt in November 2015 but I damaged my neck ligaments not long before that which got worse after. This kept me out of training for more than 2 years. For these 2+ years I went into a slight bout of depression. I spent around a year and a half using video games as a coping mechanism. I now understand why I was depressed – lack of progression. The video games gave me a slight sense of progress. Progression is what holds us together as a being! If we are not progressing, then deep down we KNOW we are too comfortable being boring and therefore it causes depression! So, if you have depression, ditch it for progression!

Once I realised I wasn’t progressing and was stuck in a rut, I vowed that with or without a fully functioning neck, every moment that I had free time I would not waste it. Every moment that you waste can NEVER be recovered.

If you want to here more about My Story, click this link.

Make a Goals List

This is crucial! I want you to start setting yourself Long term, medium term and short term goals. You can use my Goal Setting Form to send yourself an email with all the required fields that you’ll need – from Goal Title to Desired Goal Completion Date. Goals are crucial to keep you up to speed with your desired outcomes. They will keep you motivated and determined on your path of progression. This is the first step on becoming a Progress Ninja.

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